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Income At Home Scam – Difference Between A Scam and An Opportunity

I’m sure you’ve seen it. We all have. The glossy ads featuring happy people clutching dollar bills, promising you that a brilliant new life can be yours, one filled with riches and even fame – if you only purchase their product.

These ads all have a few things in common. They would be much more insidious, in fact, if they didn’t follow a few well-worn tropes which make them incredibly easy to spot if you just know what to look out for.

It’s not enough to simply use common sense. Of course, simple common sense can help you to spot some of the more outlandish claims. You would probably never believe that you could make $7000 a week by simply typing a few sentences into Google. That doesn’t even make sense.

However, some of the promises will be a little bit more difficult to dismiss, because they will seem a bit more realistic. This is when it’s useful to know what the common techniques to advertise an income at home scam are. Knowing what to look for will be your number one tool in verifying the veracity of any claim you happen to see.

The first thing to keep an eye out for is whether the testimonials listed on the site are real and verifiable. The Federal Trade Commission has ruled that all testimonials listed for products must be real, verifiable, and kept on file. However, just because a regulation exists on the books is absolutely no reason to believe that every single website will adhere to it.



In fact, when trying to determine if an offer is an income at home scam or if it is legitimate, it’s best to start with a skeptical eye and assume that this site is, in fact, flaunting the Federal Trade Commission regulations – unless, of course, they take steps to prove otherwise.

If what you see on the site are text bubbles containing glowing recommendations and testimonials with mere names and initials following them, or even names and initials accompanied by a city or state, then that is not a whole lot of information to go on. You could never track down Roger W. from Phoenix who happens to really, really love the work at home program you’re currently viewing online. That’s a major red flag that the company has made up their testimonials.

However, is the testimonials are accompanied by real and candid looking photographs (meaning, not stock photos), that’s a good starting place.

If the testimonials are accompanied by full first and last names, preferably also including locations, that’s also a good sign. If the testimonials are on video so that you can actually see the person talking, that’s even better.

Lastly, any efforts that the site makes to connect you with the real person that left that testimonial is another good sign. If they list that person’s website, or how to get in contact with them on social networks like Facebook or LinkedIn, then you can even contact that person yourself and ask what they are opinion is of the program currently.

Another good sign is if the promises that the sales page makes about the kind of money you could make via their income at home program are modest. A sure sign of an income at home scam is that the claims of both the amount of money you can make and how easy it will be to make that money are vastly inflated. They know that their program does not have the solid backing to actually keep customers coming back, so they need to use the most flashy sales tactics possible to attract the highest amount of suckers they can to their scam. It’s how they make their money.

The final sign that you should keep an eye out for when trying to spot an income at home scam is the method that was used to make you aware that the website existed in the first place.

If you found the site via your own research and discovery – for instance if you followed a pay per click ad or came across the site during an organic search engine search – that is a much better sign than if you became aware of the page via spammy methods.

For instance, are you seeing the webpage because it was a pop-up ad that was instigated when you visited another website that you actually intended to go to? That’s not a great sign. Worse still, were you given the link by an unsolicited commercial e-mail – in other words, spam? That’s the worst sign of all.

Legitimate income at home opportunities do exist. They may be few and far between when compared with the volume of income at home scams out there, but they do exist. The key to finding a great opportunity is to be able to see through the scams and recognize the legitimate, verifiable programs out there. It may not be easy, but it is possible.

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Top Tips to Profit From Home Based Businesses

Home based businesses are becoming more popular and more profitable. There are more opportunities for having a profit from home based business today due to the internet.

No longer are home businesses just for stay-at-home moms who want or need to make extra money. There are other individuals today that have the opportunity of profiting from profit from home based businesses. Perhaps this form of business is ideal for someone who has retired, but would like to continue working or need some extra money. Even individuals that might be home bound or even differently able might be interested in working from home. Others might just be interested in the product and do a profit from home based business as a side venture.

It is easier to have a home business with a different ways for individuals to reach more customers. No longer do they just depend on family and friends or neighbors and club members. The internet allows a business owner to reach customers from around the world. If they promote their business they could have a large client base, but it just depends on what the owner wants.

When starting a home business or wanting to become more serious then there are some tips that might help. First, it is vital to choose an honest business by doing research. It is important to always be professional and treat customers with respect. Another tip when using the internet is to learn the best ways to use it to sell the business and help run the business.

A profit from home based business can seem to be a relaxed lifestyle. Business owners can sit at home in pajamas while going through inventory. They can talk with clients while having company. It is a flexible and relaxed schedule. If the owner works at it a home based business can be profitable.

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